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Cheap Alternative to Health Insurance!

I am going to do some more research on this new Health Care Reform Bill…. I am wondering as a small business owner if I could just use the government for major medical?? Here is what I am thinking. Lets say I decide not to have insurance and I just pay the penalty which I think is $750 a year which is far cheaper than paying Health Insurance premiums. Now lets say I have a catastrophic event like a heart attack….. with the new reforms health insurance companies can not deny me coverage based on a pre-existing condition. So I will coast along paying my annual penalty until something big happens and then buy insurance….

Who are we kidding….. We all know that it takes healthy people paying their premiums to make the current health insurance system work and the only thing that keeps them paying their premiums is the fact that they are scared that something will happen that would create a pre-existing condition.

So, what do you think….. Are you willing to pay the penalties??? I think I am……


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