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Key Product in 2011

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Group Medical Bridge….. I will address this issue on Monday.


Must Read Book!

Zig Ziglar is the man when it comes to sales and life. This is a good quick read and could be the best 10 bucks you ever spent…..Selling 101: What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know

I want to encourage you to learn something new every day….. Remember you are either green and growing or ripe and rotting……..

Introducing Video!

Step Up!

Today is the day! What must we do? We must seize it. I have been thinking long and hard about the health care reform bill that has been spun through Congress….. It has got me thinking about what I need to be doing. I think more than ever we are going to have to be more educated and motivated than ever before. The fact of the matter is that if you are not a consultant in the benefits business then you may be looking for another job! Some might say that you are being harsh….Well, somebody has to tell you the truth….. The market is not contracting….actually I think it will expand. The only difference will be that companies will be looking for solutions. So if you are the guy that peddles product then move over baby cause sales people that have honed their consultant skills will slide right into your account. Exciting times……

Bright Future!

I am not to excited about the actual Health Care Reform Bill but I am excited about what I believe is a bright future for the Voluntary Benefits industry. Two segments excite me!

1) HR Consulting – With all of these new mandates and laws it will make those of us that approach our business as a consultant more important than ever. Now I realize that not all Voluntary Benefits companies take this approach but for those of us who do… Fasten Your Seat belts! Companies are going to be searching for solutions when it comes to managing their benefits packages. My belief is that if we come in trying to provide solutions not products that there is going to be more doors to open up than we will have time to walk through. I believe that we may even gain accounts that we could not touch in the past because of this. Now the second part… Voluntary Benefits. Our products pay fixed amounts for specific events. What that tells me is that we are not affected. We protect employees income and there future. We are not mandating anything! We are just here when they need us. Your accident, cancer, etc.. does not say what doctor or hospital to go to; just show us that you went and what was done. We provide payments directly to our customers! It is between us and our client not us, Government then client. Keep your head! Small business owners need us now more than ever!

Effective Benefits Communication recently did a survey that revealed something disturbing….. 24% of workers no longer feel loyal to their employers and 19% plan to leave their current employer this year! Need I say more?

It is an exciting time in the marketplace. We are having to be more strategic in our efforts to help employers retain employees. So, you may be asking what is the most effective way to retain employees. I will say without a doubt it is effective benefits communication. If you ask about their benefits you will typically only hear about their health premium going up or some other negative. Think about it, most of the time that the “Group Meeting” is called is because the employees are being told the negative while trying to put a good spin on it… If we are going to help employers retain then we are going to have to paint the big picture for the employees and also give employers the ability to give extra benefits at little or no cost to them!

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